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Voting period lasted from 13 October to 19 November 2016.A Fist Within Four Walls was the night's biggest winner with eleven trophies, including Favourite TVB Drama Series, Favourite TVB Actor, and Favourite TVB Actress.

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Screenwriters Yau Nai-hoi, Lau Ho-leung and Mak Tin-shu ratchets up tension to suffocating levels by letting one touch-and-go situation trigger another, but most gripping of all are mental and moral meltdowns of protagonists under extreme duress.

No sooner has she entered the ward than she is verbally mauled by a young man (Jonathan Wong) who has been paralyzed since she operated on him.

She remains sullenly unrepentant, insisting that she took risks to give him a better chance of recovery.

Lady First (女人我最大) is one of Rachel’s favourite TV program and Pauline Lan (蓝心湄), the anchor host of the show is one of her all-time favourite TV host.

Rachel was thrilled to see Pauline Lan make her appearance on stage at the awards show.

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