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Let`s take a look at the video in slow motion, please, Liz. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: To Justin Freiman, also on the story, tell me what the new developments are. Police are saying that she was last seen with her boyfriend and that they were walking on a trail near the home, and that area has been searched. Like I told you before, he is known -- he is -- to our understanding, he was a very manipulative person, very controlling. Unleash the lawyers, Bernie Grimm, Randy Kessler, Dep Kirkland. DEP KIRKLAND, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: If you want to go pack to the O. How many times could you hear her screaming on the phone, `he`s going to kill me, he`s going to kill me, he`s going to kill me.` I mean, it`s just - it`s irrelevant. I think he is going to try and make me disappear and then bam! [] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: A teen girl spends spring break at Myrtle Beach. Last known image, grainy surveillance video in a hotel lobby. A tip reportedly reveals Brittanee kidnapped, sex assaulted, tortured, and fed to alligators? Doug Pardue, investigative reporter, "Post and Courier," I mean, is there a designated area? When I have to put a witness up and I have to hold my nose to direct examine him. Sometimes to put the devil in jail you got to go to hell to get your witnesses and that`s the harsh reality.

GRACE: This is actually, Chris Spargo,, a three-story bridge. This is throwing a child three stories off a railroad bridge. Police and family want to know what happened to Hernandez and fear her boyfriend might be the only one with answers. So why was she -- do you know why, Silvia, she was trying to break it off with this guy? Like I told you before, you`re asking why was the relationship secret? How many times were the police called to that residence? (CROSSTALK) GRACE: You just have the missing person, Camelia, saying `I`m afraid of him. Especially because this happened when she left without their permission and there are so many details around it. [] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: Where is Brittanee Drexel who goes missing on spring break? (CROSSTALK) GRACE: So let me ask Dep Kirkland, former prosecutor and author of "Lawyer Games." How do you put a case like this back together, Dep? To the point of snitches and jailhouse people and criminals, we get witnesses where we find them and we don`t always have ... I know you know this old saying that I used to have to tell juries all the time.

And family members say that they actually found some of her belongings there. So for all we know, their relationship was secret the whole time because he wasn`t a (inaudible). You know, Dep, former prosecutor and author of "Lawyer Games," joining me out of L. Now, the defense would argue that that has nothing to do with the disappearance. I don`t -- I don`t know that anybody who would say it is irrelevant but certainly isn`t. Things do point to them but you have got to make -- you have got to have more than just circumstantial evidence. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Drexel was last seen leaving the Blue Water Hotel in Myrtle Beach. You right, you can`t really convict somebody based on a jailhouse informant who`s got a sentence to life. (CROSSTALK) [] GRACE: Well, actually I mean, you can but it`s going to be difficult. KESSLER: You would have more than that if you were prosecuting. (CROSSTALK) GRACE: Matt Zarrell, what more can you tell me?

Well known for the 2007 song "This is the Thing" and the 2011 album Perfect Darkness.

Greenall's skills as a songwriter have created a demand for his talents among fellow artists.

There's just one small problem: Simon is about to lose his kid in a battle with child social services. What's coming up on ADAM: As with the show's previous two-part episodes, there will be crazy stunts and big action set pieces.

The character, who is played by Michael Weston and last appeared in Season 8, shows up with some shocking news: Olivia is now an aunt.

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