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I was playing for the Northampton Saints and it seemed daft to commute from High Wycombe every other day for training and games.The game was still in the last throes of amateurism, so we weren't paid directly for our games.Asphyxiated by his musky aftershave and blinded by his jewels, Janna snatched her hand away before it was crushed by his rings')?Cooper's 846 breathless pages feature pretty much everything that could ever conceivably happen to anyone, from ill-timed hose-pipe bans to acts of animal heroism, and say a great deal about the surreal world which Cooper inhabits but very little about anything else.It took the stress away from my parents of those ''Can I have'' conversations and having a monthly allowance meant I had to budget and spend carefully, which was a good lesson for later in life.

It definitely made me more organised about my finances.

In fact, she has gone where most lady novelists fear to tread: provincial pleb-land.

There's Kylie, 'So eternally up the duff she'll soon qualify for a free tower block'; hard-working Aysha, destined for an arranged marriage in Pakistan; Lubemir, an 'Albanian asylum-seeker and safe-breaker'; and look away now if you're of a sensitive disposition because there's also Feral Jackson, who not only has learning difficulties and a crack-head mother, but is a 'natural athlete' and lives with his yardie, paedophile uncle. The posh kids at nearby Bagley Hall are a little less excruciatingly rendered and some, like the girl who funds her pony-and-Labrador habit by selling school scandal to the tabloids, are quite funny.

"I would encourage people to donate an item if they can and come along for a fantastic day out for a good cause.

"The P&C will have food and drinks for sale, and there will also be an ice-cream van, and a jumping castle for the kids.”Gates open at 9am with the auction starting at 10am.

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