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If you’re looking to record conversations between a number of people, lay down a track from either an instrument or a computer, or make your own podcast or radio show, then a standalone microphone is best. Audio-Technica AT2020: £125, uk The USB version of Audio-Technica’s well-loved microphone, this is a versatile piece of kit.

But if you want a new microphone for video chat or playing games, then a headset works better. Its wide frequency response means that it can pick up high and low sounds with huge clarity and its rugged construction makes it a solid portable option. Apogee Mi C 96K: £189, uk Sending out super-high-quality sound, this is a perfect way to record anything you need to, quickly, and is clever and well built to ensure that it’ll always sound great.

Paying Slack customers can use the Screenhero app for now, but it isn't accepting any other signups.

Slack says that building these new features directly into its app — rather than offering them as a standalone service — will make for a much more efficient experience.

Though Screenhero doesn't offer video chat, it already has the tech for both voice chat and screen-sharing.

Through this site one could interact with strangers easily.It lets you share either everything on a computer's screen or just a single window, with each person receiving their own mouse cursor for control.It also allows voice chat to be used at the same time, so that the people sharing a screen can communicate if they aren't in the same room together.It’ll plug straight into youri Phone or i Pad, as well as your Mac. Blue Microphones Snowball: £54, This microphone’s spherical box captures an equally round sound – ideal for recording just for a podcast, or a whole band.It sounds great, looks distinctive and easily connects with Macs or PCs through their USB ports.

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